How Skilled Nursing Care Can Help Those With Heart Disease

It happens all too frequently to those we love.

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, and the latest numbers indicate that nearly half of all U.S. adults have some kind of heart disease.

Perhaps your father, uncle or grandmother was diagnosed with heart disease and had to be admitted to the hospital. Often, after discharge, many of those with heart issues go to a skilled nursing facility.

But how does skilled nursing care help those who have experienced heart disease or even congestive heart failure?  We’ll delve into that as well as some fact vs. fiction when it comes to cardiovascular health.

Skilled Nursing Care: Nutrition, Mobility and 24-hour Care

There are several aspects of skilled nursing care that can help those with heart disease or congestive heart failure. These include:

Diet and Proper Nutrition

When meals are carefully prepared for your loved one, there’s one less thing for you to worry about. Our dietary employees carefully follow all guidelines for a cardiac diet, which often includes:

  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Low sodium foods

We’ll also be sure that the meals meet the recommended dietary requirements.


Exercise is an important part of maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle, and many who are in skilled nursing care are not able to do strenuous exercises. However, we do have physical therapists and occupational therapists who will help them with mobility issues and allow them to get as much exercise as is feasibly and safely possible.

Staff Available 24/7

In addition to taking vital signs we’ll be on the lookout for indications of swelling, which could be a warning sign of fluid retention and a possible indication of heart issues. We’ll work with you, your loved one, and the entire care team to follow the doctor’s treatment plan to the letter.

Most importantly, we’re here for your loved one day and night when you aren’t able to—rest assured that we are caring for them as if they were our own family.

Fact vs. Fiction When It Comes to Heart Disease

Of course, heart disease strikes those of all ages, and its far-reaching effects are not solely limited to seniors.

Sadly, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to heart disease, and the American Heart Association is taking a front row seat to be the “myth buster” behind them. We’ve taken some of these common thoughts and labeled them as fact or fiction. Which ones did you get correct?

  • Heart Disease strikes more men than women.


In actuality, more women than men have heart disease.

  • Heart disease primarily affects seniors and older Americans.


It can affect those of all ages. Risks do tend to increase with age, but even something like leading a sedentary lifestyle or following an unhealthy diet can create problems and increase your risk.

  • Heart disease can even affect those who are healthy and fit.


Of course, working out and eating right does dramatically decrease your risk of heart disease, but it doesn’t completely eliminate it. In fact, did you know you can be thin and still have high cholesterol? That’s one reason why the American Heart Association believes everyone should start getting their cholesterol checked starting at age 20.

If you have a family history of heart disease, you’re at much higher risk of developing it yourself, so you may wish to have cholesterol and high blood pressure screenings at an earlier age.

  • You can have heart disease without any symptoms.


Did you know that 64 percent of women who die from heart disease did not exhibit any symptoms beforehand? While you may think that the first sign of a heart attack is severe chest pains, that is not always true. In some cases, there may be no previous symptoms at all. In addition, when there are symptoms, they vary greatly between men and women.

You can read more heart health facts through the American Heart Association’s website.

Brunswick Cove: Compassionate Care for Those With Heart Issues

It’s no secret that many people in skilled nursing facilities have some type of heart health issues, and our 24-hour care and supervision is one way we can help ensure that those you love are receiving the highest level of care.

But we invite you to see for yourself.

Experience the way in which we treat all residents of our community like family, and we think you’ll soon realize why Brunswick Cove is the ideal choice for your loved one.

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