When is it Time for Skilled Nursing? A Guide for Adult Children

Every time it happens, your heart skips a beat. You were at work when you got the call that your mom fell, and she is having X-rays to see if she has broken a hip.

You’re worried because your mom also has multiple health conditions—including heart disease and COPD.

Thankfully, everything came out okay, and her hip was just bruised.

But what about next time?

This is the scenario for thousands of North Carolina residents as they maneuver the role of caring for their aging parents.

This is one situation where skilled nursing can help.

But often, it can be difficult to tell when it is appropriate for skilled nursing care for your parents. Therefore, we’ve compiled this useful guide for adult children to help you decide.

5 Signs that It is Time for Skilled Nursing

To determine if your parent is ready for a skilled nursing facility, answer these questions:

1. Has your parent experienced a lot of falls lately?

Did you know that falling once doubles your chance of falling again?

Seniors are particularly prone to falls, and often this leads to the need for rehabilitation.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, around 1 in 4 older people fall every year—and less than half tell their doctor.

A skilled nursing facility provides the supervision needed to reduce the likelihood that your parent will fall.

2. Has your parent’s condition grown progressively worse?

A skilled nursing community provides 24/7 access to nursing care. Because of this, it can dramatically reduce the number of hospitalizations.

For example, at Brunswick Cove, we have in-house wound care services. By tending to problem wounds and working closely with a surgical center team, we not only ensure seamless continuity of care, but we dramatically reduce the chance that your parent will return to the hospital with an infected wound.

3. Are there growing concerns about your parent’s safety?

Has your parent experienced a fall? Maybe they’re a bit unsteady on their feet and you feel they need supervision to ensure they will stay safe.

Or maybe they left the stove on, setting the stage for a potential disaster.

These are situations where your parent can benefit from the supervision at a skilled nursing facility near you.

4. Is your parent starting to feel isolated and lonely?

When you have health concerns, it can be difficult to get out and perform the activities you once enjoyed. Think of how isolating and frustrating that must be for your parent.

At a skilled nursing facility, there are several appropriate, supervised activities that allow them to meet other patients and form new friendships. At Brunswick Cove, we’ve found that our residents love to socialize and make new friends. We have a social calendar that offers something for everyone.

5. Does your parent need rehabilitation after surgery, a stroke, or an accident?

Not everyone at Brunswick Cove is a full-time resident. Some are here only temporarily for rehabilitation to help them recover. In these cases, our goal is to help them return to their home and their loved ones as soon as it is safely possible.

We offer occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to give skilled nursing serious consideration.

What Is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

This is a place where residents are cared for 24/7 by a nursing staff. Patients of these communities need care for serious or chronic health conditions.

Skilled nursing is ideal for those who have advanced diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, COPD and kidney disease.

This is different from assisted living, where residents live independently and just need a helping hand now and again. You can explore more about the differences between assisted living and skilled nursing on this site.

Brunswick Cove: The Best Skilled Nursing Facility Near You in Winnabow, NC

We recognize that every resident is unique, and they come to us with different needs. That’s why we treat each one as an individual. After all, we’re a family owned and operated company, and we understand the importance of treating others as we would like to be treated.

In addition to rehabilitation, we also offer extensive wound care services and care for serious medical conditions.

We invite you to see what separates us from other skilled nursing facilities in the area. Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour.