How to Finish Physical Therapy Faster

We know it can be frustrating.

Recovering from a hip or knee replacement can be a time-consuming process. We want you to remember that nothing worthwhile happens overnight, and we admire every resident who arrives for physical therapy, determined to master new skills.

That’s why we wanted to provide some tips that will help you or your loved one because these will help you get out of physical therapy sooner.

8 Steps to Get Out of Physical Therapy Sooner

1. Be Aware of Your Goals

Your doctor has likely outlined some very specific goals that you must reach before you can return home. We’ve found that residents who are keenly aware of these goals seem to do better and have a clearer idea of their progress.

Did you know that many business professionals believe that writing down your goals and reviewing them regularly is key to actually achieving them?

It also helps to set goals of what you want to do after physical therapy. Do you want to be able to take long walks through the park again? Play with your grandchildren? Return to tennis or other sports you enjoyed?

Maybe you’d like to keep a journal that marks your progress and reminds you of your daily goals. Speaking of which…

2. Review Any Milestones You’ve Achieved

We’re dedicated to ensuring that you are successful. However, we also realize there will be some days that are more challenging than others. On these days, it’s important to remind yourself of how far you’ve come!

Keeping a determined spirit will help us help you. Remember, we’re on the same team, and we’re cheering for you every step of the way.

3. Do Your “Homework”

There’s no way around this: If you want to know how to get out of physical therapy faster, then it’s often what happens outside a session that can make a difference.

Depending upon your condition, we may assign some exercises for you to do outside of regular therapy sessions. Following these to the letter means you’re able to make more progress during our sessions.

4. Come to Your Appointments Regularly and On Time

We want you to get the most out of your time with us. A big part of that is starting on time and arriving to your appointments.

This will ensure that we have enough time to spend with you and give you the help you need at the excellent level of care you deserve.

5. Let Us Know When You’re Feeling Pain

We know that when you’re in pain, it’s tempting to skip an appointment. That’s why we want you to let us know. Often, our highly skilled physical therapists can help adjust your treatment to accommodate you. In some scenarios, they may be able to help alleviate the pain.

6. Ask Questions

We know that physical therapy is only part of the equation. You’ll likely have a lot of questions. Please ask them!

We’re dedicated to not only providing the care you need, but the education that is necessary for you to be successful.

Remember, we are partners in your care.

7. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Not sure what you should pack for inpatient physical therapy? We’ve provided this useful list.

Essentially, you’ll need loose-fitting clothing, shoes with non-skid soles, and socks that do NOT have tight elastic.

By being sure you have the right “equipment,” you’ll sail through physical therapy faster and safely.

8. Take Notes

We understand. You’ve probably been given a lot of information at once. We’re always available to go through it with you and answer your questions.

However, you might find it helpful to take notes as well. It’s useful to review these in between sessions.

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