Will Medicare Part A pay for my stay?
To qualify for Medicare Part A, you must have: 

  • 3-day stay in hospital
  • Eligible benefit period
  • Physician must certify that skilled nursing care of skilled rehab services is medically required.

Can I be involved in the nursing home activities?
We encourage and assisted all residents to be involved in the daily activities at the facility by participating in community events, holiday celebrations, family council, care planning, and other special events.

We also encourage family members to be involved in the daily activities at the facility.  Your cooperation is very important so we can achieve the best possible results.  Our staff members and key professionals meet regularly to discuss our plan of care including goals, treatment, and results.  Please let a staff member or administrator if you do not understand a course of action, instruction or what is expect.

What is included?
Room and board, nursing care 24-hours, all meals, housekeeping daily, social services, activities daily, and laundry.

What is not included?
The list of excluded items and services are as followed:

  • Ancillary services:  diagnostic produces, pharmacy, physician services, rehabilitative therapies, etc.
  • Beauty shop
  • Personal items such as clothing, eye glasses, shoes etc.

Are residents able to have personal items in their rooms?
Yes, we encourage family members and resident to create a familiar surrounding.  It will make the transition to the facility smooth.

What security measures are in place?
Family members are allowed in the facility 24 hours a day.  During the day visitors and family members are to enter the facility through the front entrance from 9-5 Monday-Friday.  After business hours, the facility doors are locked and access to the facility is available with approval.

Can I still vote when I’m in the nursing home?
We encourage all residents and family members to stay active, vote and remain a part of the community and be informed about issues, activities and available community information.

Can I refuse to take my medicines?
The resident has the right to refuse any medical treatment, and if one does so, we will inform family member of the possible consequence of the resident decision.

Can I bring my TV to have in my room?
Yes, all of our rooms are cable ready.  We encourage a homelike environment.

Can my family bring me food from home?
All food and beverages brought into the facility from the outside and those food or beverage items obtain form the vending machines within the facility, should be in compliance with the dietary restrictions based on physician’s orders.  All foods kept at bedside must be kept in sealed packages or airtight containers.

Does the facility have a bank?
Yes, resident are able to set up a patients fund account upon arrival to the facility.  You can have access to your funds, if they are deposited with the facility, during the facility’s posted banking hours.

Does the facility have a barber or beautician?
Yes, the beautician will be available once a week on Tuesday.  The resident is responsible for the payment to the beautician on day of service.

Do I have a physician while in the nursing home?
Yes, you will be seen by our physician when you enter the building at our facility.

Can I have my meals served in my room?
We encourage and assist all residents to eat in the dinning room whenever possible.  Expectation can be made for bedridden or critically ill residents and for other with special needs.

Do you have private room?
Yes, private rooms are available.  If a private room is not available you will be placed on a waiting list until the next private room is available.

How do you match roommates?
Personal consideration is given to roommates preferences, and medical needs are evaluated in determining the appropriate room selection. 

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities, or Nursing Homes, may be independent or part of a senior continuing care community. 24-hour medical care is available, in addition to custodial care.